Wednesday, February 13, 2013


aloha!! it was a tiring day.
the three of us finally met up, meilin mama missing though. =(

Lu Ee's boyfriend joined us in her house. Kenneth happens to be my secondary school mate, in the school which i spent about 3 months. haha. the world is really so small. we went chilling somewhere else and now i understand how it feels to be happy just looking at a couple haha. they were really cute! =D. and now that ibeho has started the wedding imaginations, i find myself imagining all my friends' weddings == hahaha

my beautiful fwen =D

and ma beautiful galfwen =D.
sometimes in life, you just have to be the giant == haha

i really do miss my friends, and all the crazy times in secondary school
must definitely have a gathering. T.T
actually starting to blame ourselves for being quite lansi
because we seem to have the least friends hahaha.

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