Monday, February 4, 2013


OHAYO! =D. haven't been touching my DIY kit for quite some time.
while clearing out my unwanted clothes i came across this pair of super old jeans which is already so fragile
fragile as in it can be actually teared apart. haha. so i decided to make full use of it. =D

=D. and here comes another new collection to my handmade bows. =D

made another one for Miss Froggie as well. heehee 
and the few ways i used my bow =D

on a side note, i just wanted to let you know how determined i am to complete this challenge
there is some problem with my laptop's bluetooth, guess how i transfer pictures?
i upload to facebook, download the image, and then upload here again!
and if the photos are from the camera (i haven't abandoned it yet la =D), i transfer using the card reader, upload to facebook, edit with my phone, and later, upload to facebook again, and upload to my blog!
i think i deserve clap clap and some chocolate. hahaha

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