Tuesday, February 5, 2013


time flies it's day 5! ahem!
i sort of regret this challenge because my life is just so not happening! I'M HOME EVERYDAY!! @@
so.. one or two weeks ago, i finally got to step into Absolute Tribal Restaurant.
i love this feeling! mummy said we could do this at home also
but if this were at home, the flowers will soon become grey because no one cares haha
yes it's spring cleaning time so i've been fighting against dust for quite some time ==

complimentary iced water with lemon and mint leave i heard.

and HEHEHE this was actually my first laksa upon reaching Kuching.
it's different from what i usually have, but still very yummy
even the side dish/ ulam or whatever in this case, was nice and i had to finish it!
had the laksa around 10 i think? and at 3pm i was still feeling very very full!

oh, i just had my second laksa this morning. lol.

candid by mummy. ooh. ah lian hair. haha

not sure if i miss my long hair.
eh frog, i love you ahhaha

actually we just wanted to capture the decorations
and i seem to have blocked them from the view == haha

on second thought, i think i still miss my long hair. haih.

see. froggie why you no tell me my background not nice at all ==

few more days to CNY. ohhhh can't wait!

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