Thursday, February 21, 2013


hello. class today is canceled. hahahaha.
remember my cactus?

and this is what it became after a month away from me.
Teoh Chee Chean how you jaga my cactus T.T

err.. luckily i can jaga myself, if not i also turn out like my cactus.
T.T... hahahahah

went dating the night right after we came back.
and tried Madam Kwan's this time.
the vegetables curry i ordered was quite big and i think can be shared between two.

the Zhangqijian with his dumpling soup with noodles or something like that.
he said it was really nice.

we then watched our first movie in February - The Wedding Diary 2. =D 
i think distance does make the heart fonder hahaha
i know that's pretty cheesy but i couldn't help smiling like a fool. ==

ooh February is gonna end real soon!
02/03 is the MAYDAY CONCERT!!
18/03 is the choir competition
and 28/03 is the PKC Cultural Night

Kem Seni is confirmed to start this weekend.
which means I will be having choir practice 6 days a week. omgosh.

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