Wednesday, February 6, 2013


another four days to CNY
what have i done?

masks! =D

miss keroro brought back many new masks from Taiwan, and i still have a few old ones left. heehee. have i mentioned how much i love using My Beauty Diary's masks? they smell so nice and have such pretty packaging.
haha yes i don't only judge a book by it's cover, i also judge masks by their packaging. XD

and even eyemask!

obviously taken before i had my hair cut.
it's my first time using eyemask haha
and i don't really know what is the function of this eyemask, but i guess 有拜有保庇 (hokkien please), haha.

lots of oranges! VITAMIN C!

but apparently, i overestimated myself, or maybe i underestimated the effects of staying up late or maybe having fringe ==, because there are pimples on my forehead and my nose. T.T. the dilemma is that if i pin up my fringe, then the pimples will be exposed, and it can be seen by the whole world HAHA, and if i let my fringe down, the whole world wouldn't be able to see the 2 or 3 pimples. but more will come for sure. arghhh. oh, so why did i overestimate myself? i left the super effective pimple lotion OXY oh my oxy in KL. ==

and erm.. haircut and hair dye!

which you most probably know already.
being so un-mysterious of course you know. haha
the hairdryer at home which has been serving since i remember using one, gave his few final huffs, i think we're gonna need a new one for the new year. i dunno why i tend to take more care of my hair for some time after getting a haircut. i guess everyone does that. XD

i should be doing lots of tonging again this year, but i dunno how long will the curls last, please not 30 minutes again, =(

and well actually i am being really lazy. i don't even go out, mainly because everyone is busy HAHA apparently i am the only person who is too free but has no life T.T.

so haha, my nails are at the perfect length and also in the best shape already, but i dunno what am i gonna paint for this year!

ugh, NAILS!!!

what's the point having so many colours when you can't decide what you wanna paint? =(
got some inspiration from Instagram to paint a dreamcatcher/ a simple chain/ cute rabbit/ cute cat, SO MANY I WANNA DO, but thinking of the work it's gonna take, i get lazy again. lol lol. who knows, i might end up just painting plain colours, no more bunga bunga ==

and so i was mentioning how lazy i am. remember me saying wanting to bake a rainbow cake when i get back? i eventually just swept that thought away because i am too lazy. hhahaha. not even baking cheesecake this year, the excuse i gave myself is we have already ordered, and our oven is not really in it's best condition, when we could actually just make a non-bake one, then i tell myself it's cheaper to buy instead of baking on our own. lalala. all the excuses can come out when you need them. Lazybones 101. haha.

anyway, i blame all this on my horoscope (LOL). because according to many sources (actually, just Facebook and all the people who love sharing all the starsign stuff), Libras are really lazy. lol ok byebye.

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