Thursday, March 17, 2011


here's another prove of China's good English. =D.
and take note, this is just outside another tourist attraction. @@
in Merryland, a theme park which obviously is trying to use Disneyland's idea
but have no toy or character of their own haha.
very fun even if it was playing with old people T.t
sometimes it's very sien being the youngest one
cz no one teman you siao T.T
so i played with ugly statues == t.t
then daddy decided to be young as well haha.
i wan to grow taller!!
just because the door looked nice XD
trying desperately to take jumping photos
but in vain T.T
they said the mountains behind us appeared in 20RMB note.
kek very brave stand on the deck of the boat to take photos.
but actually cold dao need use hood liao. T.T
these are my mum's aunties and cousins HAHA
but after climbing a mountain
i started to feel hot. HAHA

very sorry to say that i am lazy already so actually this will be my maybe last or second last post about Guilin haha. and hence my pictures are all jumbled up and i am lazy to organize and edit. T.T

i like hotel lighting. =D
velcro curler my best friend. used it while sleeping in bus for 3 hours.
then woke up with nice nice fringe
which lasted for like
15 minutes @@
hahaha.. all money with me!
nola. T.T daddy..
so i was wrong when i thought i would rot in Guilin. XD
cant resist mirrors. hehe
look at my cacated hair which got worse there. T.T
and obviously i did not sleep well T.T
if got edit this sure nice T.T
tried take some more matured photos.
but fa xian
wo hai shi bi jiao xi huan act cute T.T
sang k with cousin and aunty.
nvren ktv hahaha.
only 10RMB nia lo! which means rm5!
we could sing from 9 to 12 if we wanted to
so cheap!!!!!!!!
KBOX ahh! learn from people can ma?
i hope i'll find the blogging mood again soon XD

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