Saturday, March 26, 2011


this is a rojak post.
with some old stuffs and new stuff.
so i must admit most of my posts are like this anyway hahaha.

last week, when i was still working in Medical Supplies
mum saw this in the newspaper!
2 free big breakfast with a purchase of at least RM5
wow! we were like ZHAP DOU ahh! then so happy lo.
but we forgot that everyone oso got newspaper
and MCD is irresistable T.T
this was 7.20am.
i was standing OUTSIDE the door!!!!
if not for that ahpek in front you could've seen more clearly how LONG the queue was!
the set we bought. after waiting for 45 minutes. @@
and finally the 2 big breakfast.
and it was already 8.30am
and i had to gobble up and rush to work.
seriously not xingfu at all T.T
back to the present. haha.
this is what i have to do everyday.
heyy my chinese words still not bad lehh! hahahha
bopian if not people will think that i am a doctor ma =((
it's okay if you don't get me hahaha I SONG JIU HAO T.T
and i'm the teacher in charge of art club.
the students said their teacher said will bring them around the school to draw trees
but i was lazy to walk around and i din wanna get dark NO I DOWAN LOOK LAKIA HAHA
so i asked them to just imagine HAHAHA ji mo kuan de T.T
and i was so bored
so these came out XD
i wan this tree lo! @@
but i'm not pet bo
and even pet society dunhave this tree
nbm i'll write them a suggestion letter HAHA!
last night after belly dancing.
i dunno why but i'm very happy! hahaha
going back to smile and talk with the walls HAHA

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