Wednesday, April 10, 2013

being home is all about..

unlike some Kuchingites who think that hometown is about kolomee, i prefer laksa
I know I have been saying this for so many times, but here I go again, I LOVE LAKSA lol.

and of course le lovely family and friends la. XD
but as you see, I don't have much friends =( hahahha. 
Laksa date with dearest cousin in Absolute Tribal

oh and the Frog.

ooh heavenly laksa, i think my breakfast before leaving Kuching again will be laksa, again. haha
remind me to bring whichever friend who comes here to try the Absolute's laksa! XD

le me super happy =D

we then went to this ZenQ and had a bowl to share.
my comment: a super fail version of snowflake. lol
the ice melts so fast, and the taroballs, which they call QQ balls just didn't taste nice.
hence, come Kuching eat laksa jiu haole =P

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