Sunday, April 7, 2013

they said no one celebrates for them

so it was zhangqijian's 22nd birthday on the 5th
let's just skip the part Oinky, pengyou and I celebrated for him lol.
but 22 years old seems old enough, thank god i am forever 16. =)

ohh wait by the way, WARM BODIES was really nice!!

then it was celebrating for zhangqijian and nyak hong xiansheng
these two always say no one celebrate for them because their birthday always fall during our break
but obviously mr teoh talk shit because as far as i remember he had 3 cakes last year!! lol

somehow we agreed they look like a couple. haha

and this cake from Delectable turned out to be one of the most heavenly cakes i have ever tasted

while back in college after our singk session, mr nyak was opening his gift.
i know this multilayer wrapping method is kinda childish
but he is meant to be trolled and has to be trolled
happy birthday mr troll tan =D
let's just hope that all your unlucky quota is used up in this 21 years of your life haha

 Meanwhile, 2nd day challenge.
i seem to be influenced by my friend who is also on this challenge, will surely fix that
for the meantime, that's my pair of favourite sneakers since Form 3
when Playez was still popular among teenagers.

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