Tuesday, April 30, 2013

the fastest dream come true

 Again I have been missing for some time.
now let me tell you a story about dreams come true.
so last Saturday, or was it Sunday? @@.
Zhangqijian and I were shopping in Midvalley. we walked past the Kose event and I was like: how come I never meet any bloggers in these events, how I wish I could meet them!
Mr Teoh: then what are you gonna do?
Me: take photos with them la of course.

and then we entered Topshop. I saw someone sitting on the sofa, and her back itself attracted me already. then I saw a thin, tall girl beside her with gold hair and beanie, I had walked closer and proved my guess, OMGosh I JUST BUMPED INTO CHUCKEI, HER BOYFRIEND AND ASHLEY in Topshop Midvalley. I excitedly told Mr Teoh and I think I was actually hyperventilating, I dunno what happened then. but I just couldn't bring myself to ask for a photo. HAHAHA. then I messaged Huiwen, she was as excited as I was, and let me directly quote her SMS: Hahaha, go go go!! Take photo!! If not ll regret die de T____T.
and so I mustered all my courage, but they were gone. T.T. and I really regret half die. T.T
and how crazy, Huiwen even went stalk their Facebook/ Instagram for me but they didn't check-in anywhere. and hence the chance slipped away because I chickened out. T.T.
see.. dreams do come true. but I never knew they could come true so soon. hahahaha.

ending the post with something sweet because I am kinda cranky at the moment. XD

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