Saturday, December 15, 2012

a very messy update of my current life.

which is very much like my life now: SUPER DISORGANIZED.
super cute Santa cupcakes i saw in Midvalley some weeks ago =D
oh i can really sense Christmas knocking on my door!!

some thing i crazily got myself into, will talk about it again! hehe

maybe i really did slim down. or maybe just my illusion.
after a presentation which i enjoyed the most for this semester =)

walked down happily to 7th college for the caroling just to receive their goody bag because it was over T.T
i love how Christmas songs always make me feel all fuzzy and warm from inside

as i said, disorganized. this was taken this morning in The Gardens
it is actually a Christmas tree made of lots and lots of these heels.
so many Cinderella's ah? XD or maybe Santa decided to wear heels hoho
Rise of Guardians was VERY AWESOME!!!

hi i look so fair and i know that thank you =) haha

and today, i had my first ever Carl's Junior. some serious burger business that is haha

21/11/2012 O.O almost a month back my god. some random greedy wish of mine at PTUM expo.

on 01122012 our 11th month together =)

and we had Papa John's in Tropicana. just because this picture looks super nice haha

Snowy says hi, from Maxis The Gardens.

we went early this morning, at 7am, because Yih Hai wanted to buy iPhone5!!
rawrrr, it felt like TOPSHOP voucher day. lol, dumb, nostalgic thought.
so hi me with the Asian peace sign with the beautiful Christmas tree in Gardens. =D

and they call this. Western Bacon or something like that. MCD really cannot fight, but i still love MCD haha

and MOO COW! =D
it's their birthday!!
happy birthday moo cow!
thank you for existing, thank you for bringing so much joy and happiness into my life
next shop in Kuching? pretty pretty please?
with chocholate chips on top?
thank you!! =D lol

and it's time for me to sleep

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