Saturday, August 10, 2013

KK stop over

hello goodnight everyone, this is Oinky. mummy uploaded these photos a few days ago and saved this post in draft but she is always so lazy or busy with i dunno what she never brings me for icecream also. blogging seems fun because i can talk so much so i decided to help mummy finish this blog post as a belated mothers' day gift! 
ps: dear mummy if you happen to read this post remember you owe me 5 ice creams for this =D

we were in KK for one day before flying off to Taiwan at 6.10 the next morning
mummy brought us for this Dotts egg tart which she said was very nice
i cannot comment on that because THEY DID NOT LEAVE ANY FOR ME

they had too much time so they watched Red 2 at RM5 only, so cheap!!
the next time i want to go watch with Naughti also hehe

my daddy looks just like that stupid minion
i don't like minion. naughti also don't like minion.

i have no idea why mummy took this photo
but she said it looks like a stage like maybe someone will go up and dance
maybe it is a multipurpose cinema hall hehe.

they had their dinner at the 大茄来restaurant

and mummy said they didn't know how to order food

so they did not enjoy their dinner

like how she did when she went to KK last year


after dinner they walked to a night market and saw lots and lots of seafood.
and never buy for me also. argh!!!!!!

oh introducing my travel partners
Uncle Hong zai, Aunty Qiqi, Aunty Zongjia, my cutest mummy and my daddy.
i think i sort of miss my daddy although i don't really love him as much as i love mummy.
i think he also dont love me very much.

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