Friday, August 2, 2013

PBET 2109

it's been a week since popo left us. life has to go on, so here comes the SOP post before I get too lazy and decide to skip directly to the Taiwan trip =P
so SOP is the School Orientation Programme, a stupid subject which we had to take during our 2nd year's special semester. on a brighter side, at least we could do it in our own hometowns instead of staying back in campus.

I personally find the above picture quite artistic haha

definitely not me, I tak lambat but sangat malas XD

one of the perks of being a teacher, even if just to observe: free gifts!
so I got this free notebook and four pens, as if I don't have enough haha

and I relived the feeling of being trapped in class
I used to love sitting by the window
actually, up until now it's still the same XD

in a Form 2 class, oh I was once so young

the school song brought back so much memories and I felt so proud being a Highian.
once a Highian, forever a Highian =D

what have I learned?

we as TESLians will spend the whole of our academic years cooking up the most creative and interesting lesson plans, only to face all the stupid issues such as systems, syllabus, exams, lack of resources, and end up forgetting the fun factor in teaching and learning, and end up becoming the same boring teachers we thought some of our teachers were.

I hope not. =(.
two more years for me, let's hope I wouldn't become the type of teacher that I never liked.

left all my formal clothes in KL hence I raided Mummy's closet for whatever was decent
I thought I could just wear jeans and blouse. /.\

I looked really pale, maybe due to the super early hours that I had to wake up
although it was only five days haha
I actually edited some colour onto my face already in the above photo ==

but somehow I caused a tiny bit of stir among the students HAHAHAHA
and I seriously have no idea why. @@

and my dear sister sent me this, which made me burst out laughing hahahahahha

but I guess the kids have already forgotten me by now, at least I was this forgetful as a secondary student. haha. I don't even remember how the Mr Fabian Chiong whom many of us found handsome when we were in Form 2 look anymore XD.

one last thing, no matter how I dress I just can't resist folding my legs, that must be the most comfortable sitting position ever! (* the seat I was assigned to was at the corner and this was taken when the teachers around me were all gone hahaha)

overall the SOP was a fruitful one which exposed me to the real situation of an ESL classroom.
and I got to talk to many of my teachers again!
and they still remember me, and were so kind to me!! =D
and also for the very first time I finished an assignment in such a short period of time
I submitted my report on the final day of my SOP

SUPER BANGGA hahahah goodnight!

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