Saturday, August 17, 2013

I finally landed my feet on Formosa

I figured I'd just blog day by day haha
at least photos can keep you scrolling even if the description suck XD
we were lucky the typhoon just passed when we reached.
our first flight together =)

these four were diagnosed to have hallucination

they thought they were sunflowers. O.O

am not a flower person

but an ice-cream person

hehehe. me with my first ice cream in Taiwan
红豆梅花冰 =D

kids. haha

I think I was on a quest to get closer to Jay Chou
spotted this in a souvenir shop in that Love Story Building
somehow it looked like Jay Chou is the one getting married instead haha

happy kid with his 一日一香肠

next stop was for lunch

this was SO SO GOOD I'm missing it /.\

and this was totally worth the queue! it was so soft and kinda fluffy haha

at Gaomei wetlands where 白色风车 MV was taken lol

it's a small world after all!
yes, I met Chyemei in the Feng Jia night market

Taiwan is all about food and the warm hospitality of the people over there!
I think I should dedicate a post for the food we ate there!



dragged this post long enough, I actually drafted it two days ago
hoping Oinky would come and complete it for me
but well, maybe I haven't bought him his 5 ice creams. XD

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