Friday, January 2, 2015

day two, 2015


I'm not gonna make any resolutions, I'd probably forget them by February anyway.
but I do have some goals and directions I wanna work towards

1st: To blog more. 
lol, the past year was terrible, 57 posts. ohmy. maybe I should bring the February challenge back.

maybe not, we'll see. =)

2nd: Mr. Teoh challenged me to write a book. 
if I fail he kidnaps Oinky for one week. deadline for first draft is 31st July 2015. holy shit, it's Oinky we're talking about, #challengeaccepted

3rd: a better me in all aspects
to love and care for the important ones in life especially.

next blog shall be about our 3rd anniversary. :D

hope you had a great start for 2015!

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