Wednesday, January 7, 2015


there are certain things I find myself unable to see eye to eye with
why do people call their friends bitches
I know it is how they express their love and shows how close they are *rolls eyes*
call me traditional or what, I find it stupid and it hurts my eyes.

I said I am gonna start studying on the 9th
but I've been so free I contemplated starting early
so all geared up to make notes, I got out my A4 papers and pens
and then the mood just left, lol.

I can't stop thinking about the upcoming Bangkok trip
what am I going to pack, and the things that I'm going to do
and because passport covers are too expensive
I made my own out of the leftover felt
then I added on the big ribbon, just to realize no one wants such a bulky passport cover
luckily I lost my needles and hadn't stitched it on.

I seriously cannot wait anymore. ahhhh.
hang in there Melody Kho, 9 more dayssssss!

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