Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Goodbye two-oh-one-four

Can you believe it's already the last day of the year?
People always say time flies, and they aren't even exaggerating, time flies
It's like I just welcomed 2014 yesterday, and it's already time to say goodbye.

What have I achieved this year?

- Traveled: Malacca twice, Penang countless, Thailand (and can you believe I'm going again yayy), Pulau Pangkor, Teluk Intan

- My fitness goal. (Just kidding, I failed, and I foresee myself failing again, haha)

- Carried a baby, I dared not to because they seem so fragile

- First (and last) ever dean's list recognition

- Gone and grown through practical, next challenge is FYP. bring it on!!!!

- Donated blood, twice! =D.

- JAY CHOU CONCERT HAHAHA, and joined my very first Facebook contest, all in the name of JAY CHOU <3 p="">

- Leveled up in my ability to take spicy food, try me. *smirk*
(these are not spicy to me at all)

- Got my hair permed

- Drove out of campus (although just that one day lol)

there must be a lot more, but I can't think of any at the moment

2014 wasn't a very good year
so much loss and tragedy
but I'm sure I have also gained a lot (of weight) along the way.
I know it is very cliche to say I wish for a better 2015
but that's what everyone does
and also that is what everyone really wishes for
so, 2015, please be very very good! =D

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