Wednesday, December 3, 2014

the greatest hair transformation

I can't believe it is December already.
Breaking my own record, this is the year with the least posts since I started blogging here.
Age and laziness catching up or what

I have really really straight hair, I've tried various ways to curl it, tonging, tying a bun overnight, braids and all kinds of online hacks I come upon
I load my tonged hair with spray for college dinners
but the curls NEVER EVER stay, they just become loosened up and either totally straight or I look as if I am having my bad hair day.

and I finally decided to make a change, I saw this promotion on Groupon at RM98 for cold perm
that was supposed to be my farewell straight hair photo
but I came back with curls which became straight again the next morning with very dry ends.

so I got back to the shop, ahh, not to mention the stylist doesn't speak Mandarin so I had to communicate with him in Cantonese.
which of course I did not, cz WO BU HUI hahahha.
luckily I have kind friends who helped a lot at the communication part
and companion, and transport
why am I so lucky T.T

the boss told me my hair is the very rare type
which is too straight and stubborn
so he chopped off SEVERAL inches of my very long hair
most importantly he gave me a lot of layers shit shit shit

here I am, finally with curly hair

BUT, still not one that I can feel relieved of
because I slept with my hair still wet
and this morning the curls were gone
leaving me with messy frizzly hair

I kinda miss my straight hair already.
whattttt ==

no turning back =/

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