Friday, December 5, 2014

PBET3107 community project

it's 12:16, there is no water supply, and I am feeling hungry. haha.
allow me to repeat myself, I can't believe it's already December.

it seems like just yesterday Mdm. Zuwati told us about this project we were supposed to carry out
I remember us getting excited about having our kids over, also us planning to raise fund and all that
I remember the last minute test run, and the frustration of not having all members present
and then suddenly poof it was the day, and then it's already a day after the day.
putting mahjong paper to good use.
this was taken 2.00am on the event day when we have finally settled and double confirmed everything
all the brainstorming and continuous work did feel like practical all over again
and I kinda miss those times, at least I was productive hahaha

still very childish. pika pika.

out of all 5 teams, two were my students! you cannot imagine how good it was seeing them again

my station. they were supposed to kick the sandal in the buckets to pick categories to answer and form a line, just like tic-tac-toe. but kicking was really hard.
anyway the pails look so cute hahaha,

the pingatsssss!

le me with the CHS students.

Min Chen's students whom I instantly grew to like.
but I can't help missing the lalala gang

okay I know, no favouritism.

I'm glad it's over, also, new personal achievement unlocked:
Driving in KL.

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