Saturday, October 29, 2011

born this way.

hahaha, i've found myself a new title.
please call me a born winner, YEAAA!!
i'm on the right track baby i was born this way! @@ lol.
don't go all blur yet.
that's me, playing with Shake Coke.
a game where you have to shake the phone and see how high the can can go!

and yours sincerely, wo, wa, aku, saya... Broke the record and got the highest score!
ngahahhahaha, i directly kicked out my pig's record
YAY! drumroll.. please applaud. thank you! LOL
this photo was uploaded just to show you how long my hair is nao! hehehe

look at the face of.. 
the loser!!!! RAWRRR

sneak peek. XD.
i got 5k plus! =DDDD

loser trying to break my record. 
but of course, in vain. hahaha

and this.. 
is me playing tetris battle
i was WINNING as usual! hahahaha
sigui tingseng shouldn't have sent me that request in the first place!
i'm trying hard to quit facebook games! T.T

omg. this post is so full of me praising myself even i can't take it
but it doesn't really change the fact that i am a born winner, period. haha

ahh! i should stop. T.T.

so let me tell you something.
pride usually comes before a fall.
i started losing in my tetris battle..
then, i quit! HAHAHAHHAHA

ok bye bye.

ps: note that the time for the posts recently will be jumbled up because i had no access to internet for 48 freaking hours!!!

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