Thursday, October 20, 2011


hi!! =D.
so remember me mentioning about the stupid whatsoever thing that decided to grow on my face?
i went to clinic yesterday to get the cream, finally!
nahh! see see SEE! stupid rash, why, of all the places, WHY ON MY FACE!!!
grrrr... so yea, you can see that red thing below my lip. really sad =(

and don't go asking why am i wearing the black blazer which is obviously too big
well maybe not so obvious but IT IS too big
hahaha sorry i start talking to myself again
aiya hahaha actually it was just the class photo la
then we pakat liao wan wear baju kurung
but my baju kurung, well not mine because i do not have one
hahaha, ok sorry again i just love sidetracking T.T
AIYA! SO HO! the baju kurung i brought, which doesn't belong to me, but accompanied me to japan in form4, jpa interview in form5, and upu interview just few months ago, which belongs to my cousin, hahaha, it's zipper was spoiled! and i spent 10 minutes trying to fix it but it decided it wanted to stay indoors
ok, so i wasted one minute of your time elaborating on something you have no interest in, sorry but i'm not sorry because.. MY BLOG MA! MY TERRITORY i wan blog shit then you read shit OOPS
kinda rude T.T. let me rephrase. this is my blog, so if i wanna blog crap then you know la, you get to read crap. better? ok! continue. haha.

many people like my dress! =DD
and and also finally someone like my sandals also!
ngahaha, my sandals finally found their bo le. XD.
baru realized i never posted my new sandals got from times square here.
never mind one day i will hehehe.

family photo. haha.
because melody and qijian and huiwen too love to act cute
so daddy and mummy headache. =(.

hAIYA! sorry this is getting more and more boring
so yea, haha byebye!


lastly. I GOT A GUITAR!!
no photo yet also.
wait yo wait yo =DD.

ok finally BYEBYE!!

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