Monday, October 24, 2011

pasar malam! =DD

yoho halo halo!!
i'm back with updates! =D
hehehe, finally i get to go to pasar malam
because my 4 to 6 class is CANCELED! =D

thanks to my pet who asked us to go, and henry the pig who can drive XD
too many photos so i use collages again! hehe
we bought some nice nice things which i shall leave for another day XDD

nao.. FOOD! *drooling over pictures* hahahaha
the nice nice popia with MAYONAISE and fruits inside!
really nice, kan dah use two 'nice' up there, T.T
6 wei tang which made me miss the one from the stall beside Uncle Yu Jin, that is much nicer XD
bak gua roti, quite xingfu de! but it would be nicer if there was mayonaise, because mayonaise + chicken floss = HEAVEN! heheheheheh
penang laksa which is not so penang according to my pet. the soup was nice, but.. I MISS SARAWAK LAKSA i'm so gonna eat it continuously when i go back WAHAHHAHAHA!
zhu chang fen, err, Zheng Gong Fu de is nicer! hehehe
ohh and another one i forgot to mention which is situated in the first collage
Thai Pork Satay!!! rawrrr it was yummeh <3!

just in case you're curious.. 
This is my pet, a pig/ wild boar named QiJian.
i walked him around with the emperor's strap
if you don't get me, try googling The Emperor's New Clothes. lol.

end of story! i actually manage to blog before 12am!
thanks to the super good wifi hahaha zzz

and uh, i settled the 20 marks Writing About Lit test
on The Road Not Taken
i think if i get to see that poem again
i'd vomit out my guts!
hopefully i did well IT'S TWENTY BLOODY MARKS! omg.


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