Monday, May 26, 2014

Thailand travel diaries #4

I'll never ever be able to finish my Thailand posts. *tears hair*
read a lot of travel blogs about the Terminal 21 shopping center
and it was of course on my list!
easily reachable by the BTS at the Asok station, it is known for the different themed toilets at every level
this was in London where I bought a very cute red polka dot sweater =D

level Turkey.
do you love these beautiful lamps like I do?
so exotic and intricate me love!!


seemed appropriate for me to do that. haha.

ta-da! how lovely.

super mommy and my baby Yao. I miss her so much.
she loves me and I adore her. hahhaa

at another level.
when you pack light you end up rotating and sharing clothes.
even her sandals are mine lol

meanwhile... hahaha

and my favourite toilet design!
totally reminds me of One Piece, although I have stopped for too long

another one with baby Yao

fresh blue frog.

the Hollywood level

there are actually a lot more but I dunno why I seem to have lost the photos
or maybe they were in my cousin's phone
I would very much love to go back there again
to explore all the toilets and little shops
and I wanna go again, in a smaller and younger group!!!

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