Tuesday, October 1, 2013

for all the little little things

sorta wrapped up the whole Taiwan trip a few posts back, but there are still certain things that ought to be shared XD. this was somewhere out of nowhere, where we were on our way from 清境to花莲. the road was blocked so 洪大哥 brought us to many places which weren't in our plan just to fill in the otherwise long gap until we can pass that road. so this was what we saw from a random bridge named 慈母桥, drawings with stones below the bridge!

trying to show you the way to get down but I guess it isn't that obvious. haha.

fooling around with the camera since there was really nothing better to do.

until Zongjia or someone else suddenly challenged zhangqijian to go down and write something.

and knowing how crazy he can be
off he ran.

he really did run at the beginning.

and there he went

and went

and went..

I thought he was gonna give up at a certain point since it was quite a long walk and it was such a hot day.

 but he didn't

and he wrote

small, but I read it.
and I was so touched

that I shouted
when I actually meant

thank you for all the little little things and the big big things and a little bit of everything.
to 1 year, 9 months and many more to go. =)

fyi,  e=mc² stands for something really cheesy between us. can try guessing if you want to. it's really easy though. haha. bye!

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