Friday, October 11, 2013

a night in the chocolate heaven

I've been so busy/tired recently (I know, the usual excuses), but finally, here comes my birthday post
it's only 5 days late anyway =P
after work last Sunday night which I successfully brought out two tubs of unfinished La Cremeria ice cream (HOHOHO I love Almond Pecan Praline), the friends brought me to Dip n Dip!! =DD
some platter, the chocolate was so smooth I could dieeeee

their version of chocolate lava. the taste was so nice it could compensate the chocolate sauce not oozing out after I cut it open. I wanna try baking this the next time I go home! =D

and this, I guess was specially arranged, thank you! =D

they should change the :) to :D heehee

I ish berry happy.

thank you mr boyfriend although I always get mad at you hahaha

and my lovely girls =D

just a failed version of something we wanted to try. hahaha
it was a night full of happiness.
because happiness = chocolate.
hahaha, nola.

but I do consider myself very lucky because I've got all these crazy friends, a lovely family, and Mr Teoh who always manages to make me happy =D.

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