Sunday, October 13, 2013

Birthday dinner 07.10.2013

warning: lots of food photos! lol

one day Mummy excitedly sent me links in facebook, asking me to choose my own birthday gift
because according to her, asking people to help buy cake is too lame already
and finally, she sort of picked this for me. haha
buffet dinner in Taman Sari Brasserie @ Hotel Istana

orang ini malas layan I yang sibuk ambil gambar =(

sprinkles sprinkles!

I love the salad bar!!!!

my first ever kebab in my whole life. don't ask me why, I am also wondering ==

made by Mr Teoh and he was very proud of it hahaha
because according to him the ratio of syrup to milk or something was perfect XD



but as expected, the desserts were disappointing.

and ahem, I dug out the tiramisu later on and put ice cream inside hahaha
it was such a perfect combination only I can come out with

habis makan baru layan me T........T

hee, thanks to mummy for the treat 
and the driver =P

and I'm officially 18. haha

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