Friday, June 24, 2016

:adj. unlucky

In my gang of friends from the residential college, we have a friend who is very unlucky. All sorts of epic things happen to him like getting hit by some heavy bars before his basketball match, laptop dying on him before he submits his final draft for thesis, and so on and so forth. 

We call him Nyak, and whenever something unlucky happens to him, we'll just answer #lifeofnyak 

And then somehow, we coined the term nyak as an adjective. For example: I'm damn nyak today.

So today, I was supposed to be observed by someone from the education department of the area. I had started with my set induction and was so touched because a boy who was always sleeping volunteered to answer my question.

I was moving on to the next step, until.. The announcement bell was played, and a blaring wail followed. 

Fire drill. =.=

So I ran for life together with my students, leaving the pegawai to burn in the class. Hahaha. 

There goes my observation , and my meticulously planned lesson. Feeling very nyak now. 

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