Thursday, June 9, 2016

padan muka x buat kerja

am I the only one who laughs at lame jokes?

2 things about the above photo:
1. I looked at the word THERAPIST for quite a long time wondering why is there THE RAPIST.
2. I kinda see Mr Teoh and myself in that situation. stupid guy, hahaha

Anyway, yay, I'm done with the SPP interview. Screwed up on the policies part, BUT who cares about the policies? It's not like if I can tell you exactly what MBMMBI is about, then my students will suddenly wake up and decide they love studying and get A in their next exam. What's over is over. What's not over are... MY TERRIFYING WORKLOAD. allow me to use the f word please? okay thank you. FUCK. I've been procrastinating since the beginning of this two week holiday. 

1. Minit Curai for a workshop I attended on 09/05/2016 (wow exactly a month ago shit)
2. Lesson Plans
3. Short Test
4. Modify and print out my SKT and Borang Keberhasilan
5. Intervention Plan 

1. I'm actually halfway through the minit curai, but.. argh, I'll get it done by today!
2. NOOOO please nooo T.T, my initial plan was to finish it even before the holiday started LOL
3. Oh well. I have no reference books. (I hope I finish by tomorrow okay?)
5. Ugh.. 4 classes. ugh.

*Sigh endlessly*

I better get back to work. 

*Stares at screen and sigh again*

Okay bye. At least get the minute done before I go for the family gathering tonight!

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