Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Starting all over again

I'm back again, should really blog more often. Being tired is just an excuse for undisciplined people, which is what I've been ever since my life and my routine got messed up by the arrival of the new principal.

So this is me, pledging to start all over again, and this post is for me to keep myself accountable.

1. Exercising
I barely do anything anymore. All I do is lie down because like I say, I got tired. Once in a while I plank for 3 minutes and I call it a day. NO that's not how it should be. I have a yoga mat, a hula hoop, and a whole big folder of working out without gym videos. Time to get back in shape. I haven't been this fat for a long time, I get disgusted by my own extra fats, so ini kalilahh!!!

2. Blogging
Nuff said. Haha. I truly think that blogging is a very good habit, it keeps my mind moving, and I like to look back once in a while to see how my mentality has changed or how a problem is no longer a problem to me. And also, I don't want this blog to die! Being consistent is one of the traits of successful people, right?

3. Money money money
I used to keep track on my spending when I just started uni and when I just started working. Then I eventually got lazy and stopped altogether. Time to be an adult, and I think while being financially independent is one of them, being able to manage my own finance is equally essential.

4. Appearance
One last one. I respect those who follow their facial regime strictly. I tend to slack and leave my face unattended. Maybe that's why I am still ugly. Haha. And also those who have to energy to makeup and remove the makeup properly each day. Maybe I should start doing these and see the changes they bring.  

Anyway, the past few days was lovely.
We even played scrabble. Hahaha

Okay I better get back to studying. I have an interview tomorrow morning. Till then, bye! Have yourself a good day :)

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