Tuesday, June 28, 2016

An exciting revelation

It's about my students again, sorry if I bore you.

I saw a boy with an A7x tattoo on his hand. I have heard of this band before but I always thought it was a local punk band or something, judging by their album covers, which I later found is actually one of their band's signature.

So one day, I asked my roommate if she had heard of the band before, she said yes, and played one of their songs. I was shocked, because they are actually orang putih! (Using my students' words), and their song is good! 

Excitedly, I got the song from the roommate, and together with other English songs, I played for them while giving them groupwork. Surprise, surprise! These kids even know Hotel California, Zombie and many other lagu orang putih. Linkin Park too!! You cannot imagine how excited I got. These kids who cannot speak or understand my English can actually sing English songs, and they enjoy them. I'm thinking hard for ways to use this to teach them kids. I might teach them to rap. Peace y'all. 

But something sad happened today. (The previous part was actually drafted since Monday). Under the initiative of the principal to give our students a future, alot of them applied for a vocational college, doing deep sea welding or something. Today, results came out. Quite a handful of my naughty but potential pass students got accepted. Nooooooo. Nooooooooooooo. And if I'm not mistaken, one of them is my targeted A student, NOOOOOOOO. 

And I still got mad at them this morning, and gave them the silent treatment. I won't see them tomorrow T.T (4 out of 7 got the offer) hopefully they reject hahahaha. 


Tien Mie said...

haha your boys look mischievous but yet innocent... i think! lol

Melody Kho said...

Yes, they always make it hard for me to get mad for too long! Haha