Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Wanna curl up into a ball and cry

I lose motivation so easily.

Serious matters aside, I've been waking up at 5am just to exercise for a few times already, and it feels good. 

I kinda miss dancing already, and this morning, I was targeted to dance for our teachers' day + Hari Raya + Gawai celebration in school in July. 1). I thought on Teachers' day teachers were supposed to watch and enjoy (or not lol) 2). Yea, so convenient all in one, why not add in Hari Kemerdekaan hahaha I can even join choir #multipurposeteacher 

The other day I purposely made up for class photo taking session, so feeling vain I tried to selfie before school. 
"Shit la, I look like a ghost."
Then, my roommate stood beside me and said, "again."
Ok. Better. So, to avoid looking like ghost in photos, ask someone else to look like the ghost so that you look more human in comparison. Lol. Meet Mul, we are mul and mel. Haha

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