Monday, March 17, 2014

Thailand travel diaries #3

where has my passion gone? how on earth did I manage to squeeze time every few days to update?
It's not like I have nothing in store, I have so much to talk about!
but one thing for sure, I feel age catching up. :O

well maybe it's just lack of sleep and too much physical activities
Chinese dance sort of drains me every single day, like how I drain my phone of it's battery

here's a comfortable restaurant at near Chit Lom station where the demonstration crowd stretched until
we were there to meet Xiaojiu and Xiaojiumu's friend they met in Chiangmai the previous time they went backpacking, with Yaoyao still in the belly, and Mico who is a few weeks younger
haha, I prefer our baby =D

felt really good as meals were settled in 7-11 / roadside deep fried items
even ordered a detox juice because I felt all toxic. lol
here's my vegetarian set at only 150baht
and it was so tasty.
could someone tell me why is everything so expensive in Malaysia. -__-
full from the satisfying meal, we shopped at the organic section in the shop
was so tempted to buy these because of the very beautiful bottles
luckily I was rational enough to put back the 3 bottles I placed in the basket

you have no idea how much time we spent just looking at all the organic goods
there was SO MUCH TOO SEE!
and as I always say, no matter how full I can be, there is always, always room for ICECREAM
although sesame isn't something new, I just couldn't resist ordering it
and that's pumpkin. it was so so nice I would've ordered another cup if it were cheaper

Yaoyao doesn't seem to like it though

ah, my ootd.
to an afternoon well-spent being happy and healthy.
(was secretly very unhappy because my first ever Chatuchak trip was cut short just for that meeting)

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