Monday, February 10, 2014

hello hello Kuching =D

HI!!!! *BIG wave* I missed this space
after 2 weeks, I'm finally back from Thailand.
oh, that's my number stuck on my phone's casing in case I forgot
apparently my smart phone isn't that smart and I always received the notification
Mobile network unable.

last night I fell asleep scrolling through Facebook.
my sister shook me up, and something quite epic happened.
I groggily asked her
"Who are you?"
"Where is this?"
"Why am I here?"

and then she told me she was going to sleep and she left the room.
it was only until this morning that I remembered, I guess I thought I was still in Thailand.

always proud to be a Kuchingite. I think we have the best food. lol.
I love laksa so much to the extent that I hope no one sells Laksa especially outside Kuching unless they can come out with the authentic taste because I don't want people to try a lousy version of my favourite food and start to judge it. quite protective huh? I know I am crazy. I always was, always am and always will be crazy. thank you.

bohemian much?
just to show off the floral bands I got from Chatuchak at only RM2 each, SUPER CHEAP!

but when you really come to think about it, there isn't much chance for me to use them.
who cares? no one behaves rationally when it comes to a shopping spree right? XD

this is initially a short update which suddenly turned longer and longer
exam results were super shitty. 3.38. ruined my holiday mood for about 10 minutes.
but I seriously wanted to cry. 3.38. gosh.
on a bright side, I managed to register for the extra curricular class I have been eyeing on since Year 2

no more one-post-one-day February challenge this year
but I'll definitely be back with updates!
I have so much to share =D

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tien mie said...

glass painting!!! woot. im planning to take it in 4th yr. lookin forward 2 ur creations! :)

p/s: cheer up abt d results.. aim high this sem. u can do it ;)