Saturday, January 25, 2014

hopping onto the white bird again

the long awaited trip is finally gonna happen in about another 5 hours' time
I thought I would have my sweet time to pre-blog a few posts before leaving so that this space wouldn't be left stagnant for the 2 weeks I'm away
but the world isn't a wish granting machine (quote The Fault In Our Stars, haha), I was called to go work and realized I had to settle my timetable before I could fully enjoy my holiday.
everything is sorta done already, so here's a last post before I fly =D

too excited for the trip, we even had a amateur photoshoot session
with un-pro models and un-pro camera
appreciate our work kay? at least it was not the phone. haha.

my personal favourite =D
just cuz my legs look so long and slim here, haha
and cheat one, I am not gonna wear that pair of shoes
God knows how much trouble we went through packing for the trip
hopefully all is well.

an advanced Happy Chinese New Year to you!
Gongxi gongxi gongxi ni =D

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