Friday, January 17, 2014

Malacca food hunt!

one night, zhangqijian suddenly suggested to go on a food trip to Malacca
I was so excited because I have always wanted to go there
plus it is HOLIDAY! who doesn't love getaways?
even if it's only half a day. right? right? RIGHT?
I believe dressing up makes a trip even more enjoyable because you feel good =D

le me looking totally unlike me but I like how fair I look here

I always find him very attractive driving especially when he is doing a reverse.
oops. *insert blushing emoticon*

even Oinky is excited =D, he seldom takes photo already, growing up. =(

cheers! first stop was Klebang Coconut Milkshake
maybe I had too high expectation so wasn't really wow-ed by this
but undeniably, the ice cream was nice. hahahah. and the coconut la.

next, Satay Celup!

and the vegetable of the year, Kangkung!! lol

we have decided to take photos with this pose at every new place we go.

sadly, it was a public holiday and also a week day, so Jonker walk was almost all empty, even the public toilet is closed. ==

Malacca River Cruise, nope we didn't go for the cruise, but it sure was beautiful to see

Nadeje after being thoroughly disappointed for not having any cendol and durian puff
chocolate banana, strawberry, rum and raisin and the original mille crepe =)
did you know it's read as Nad-je instead of Na-dae-jae? now you know!

Assam pedas! we frantically searched on Facebook for a nice place for food since everything we wanted to eat seemed to be unavailable.

feeling down because even the cendol stall was closed
we decided it is a must to eat cendol
we simply walked into a shop selling iced-desserts
and saw cendol on their menu
but it was finished ==
this was some kind of fruity dessert

and, ahem, durian + mango + red bean

which was so bad that we had to play UNO to choose the lucky ones to eat the very unyummy dessert

and then we left for UM
thanks for the first tour in 2014 =D
I will miss you so much for one whole month =(

maybe.. not. haha.

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