Tuesday, January 7, 2014

too late for this?

lost a big part of my photos because my phone went cuckoo, I think I lamented about it before, but that was last year. so here's my review of 2013, all based on my Instagram photos, since that's where my life seems the most happening apart from this blog. haha.

January was nothing much
just final exams
and going home =)

Chinese New Year was all about gatherings and catching ups, I miss my ladies already

also the last year we have popo with us, things will never ever be the same again.
on a brighter note, we're celebrating this year's CNY away from home, Thailand to be exact. =D sorry but I am really excited even with the ongoing protests. =X

and in February, I managed to achieve this. T.T
New Year Resolution 2014, I know I can do it again.

got our first ever Instax =D
I love how the polaroid photos seem to be more precious since the films aren't really cheap and we save it for special occasions or places. I dunno about you, but it makes me cherish the memories behind the photos even more.

MAYDAY concert!!
I remember how crazy I went, shouting even when I was having a horrible condition with my throat or vocal cord or whatever.

I always thought my first concert would be Jay Chou. T.T

first trip of 2013 was a road trip to Sepang Gold Coast

flew a kite
jumped a lot
took tons of photos

but so much has changed

when Mr Teoh grows old.

joined the PKC
and formed stronger ties with certain friends

stupidly joined the badminton match by Karnival Sukan Kinabalu
gained a whole new experience
(that's what people say when they fail to win anything haha)

joined Race of the Fittest
you should have seen how hard we trained

speaking of which, shit, I totally forgot about our stamina training for the upcoming race!!!!

college dinner for the second time.
I have a lovely boyfriend who is willing to let me wear his shoes

May 05
I missed my first ever chance to make a change

instead, I went to Teluk Intan
and got myself a new pair of shoes for RM10.
I have quite a lot of best buys of the year!

joined the 24 season drum class and got the chance to wear uniform again, although I have never actually worn a uniform that's white all over. the notion itself brought back so much memories, how I wish to go back to my secondary school years and relive those carefree years over and over again.

catching the hipster trend we got, no, more like I got infinity bracelets.
but the colour of the strings have faded so much they now look crappy.

second trip was to Pangkor with the TESLians.
I am forever grateful for the lecturer who decided that we should have a relaxing trip before our finals.

which happened to be the best final timetable so far
with only 2 days of exam. haha.

went home and fell in love with Yaoyao.
I'm glad popo got to see her before she left us.
instant mood booster =)

continued exercising
the tummy was still in a pretty good condition

and I seriously have no idea what happened.. T.T

had my very first ESL classroom exposure
and went back to Sharing to work

and for the very first time, we flew together
I finally landed my feet on Taiwan, the island I have dreamt and yearned to to over and over again.

but the trip was cut short.
I owe a very big thank you to Mr Teoh who went back home together with us and helped a lot. he could have chosen to stay in Taiwan and continue the journey but he left with us and gave so much support T.T

won the Nuffnang movie tickets for 2 times!
although it wasn't me who got to watch for both times. ==

it's just that I never had the luck with such competitions before!
but those were the only two times, I tried again but failed since then on. lol

Alexis' Tiramisu.
nuff said.

*fangirl mode on*

I finally met Nana and Jane in person.
they were B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L.

one year older, not much wiser
but it was Dip n Dip
which is what really matters!

hahahha, me and my chocolate obsession.

finally got to try IKEA meatballs ooh they are delicious

eat till you drop trip to Batu Pahat
thanks to Yihhai's warm hospitality =D

maybe that's where I gained all the fats now
*starts pointing fingers*

also joined PTUM as a dancer.
never a talented dancer but I had so much fun
2013 was another year of losing and gaining.
I don't really know what else there is to hope for
apart from the well being of the ones I care for

maybe the two papers this morning took all ideas and words out of me.

but one thing for sure is that my life is so much better because of everyone around me, and I am thankful for that. wishing you a good night's sleep and a good year ahead.

hi 2014, I'm ready for you. =)
and pimples.
and eyebags.
== hahaha. bye!

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