Thursday, January 2, 2014

the second anniversary =)

Whee, first post of the brand new 2014! harro! =D
As we usher in the new year, I happily add in another year to my relationship. In case you didn't already know it, we started on January 1st 2012.

The firework was actually taken in Publika when I went for the New Year's countdown with friends, but that's another story for another day.

And so, it'll be about our 2nd anniversary dinner today.

Mr Teoh is really busy, having to juggle among work, studies, final exam and a cute girlfriend *ahem* who can be annoying (NO) and demanding (NO) at times.
he was being secretive about the place he planned to bring me to
but I guess sometimes he is quite predictable hehehe.
oh and Mr Teoh, there is no Three Little Pigs in Paradigm mall, XD

hi there =)
he was covering up an unglam pimple-like scar

and me, stubborn fats. haha 

we had a Caesar salad to start
maybe our new year resolution is a healthier lifestyle.

but you know, there was this Nutella milkshake which caught both our attention... 

err. *shifty eyes* hahaha.
the salad was quite disappointing T.T

cream based spaghetti.
I think it was The Wolf's Favourite or something along that.
what attracted me was only the poached egg I saw in the description. I wonder and wonder how they manage to poach an egg.

and I totally forget the name of this, but as you can see it is a burger. haha. and Mr Teoh rates this 3rd yummiest burger after Kissaten and Carl's Junior, or was it burger lab? never mind. lol.
feeling beautiful because the lighting there made me look radiant
(not mentioning the mask, the aloe vera gel and the blusher I applied hahaha)

the not so happy boy back in college upon receiving a box of plasters.
that's how I roll. haha.

received a cute shirt and capsule Rilakkuma (candy-cane was for Christmas =D)

and a handmade scarf, not by him of course, haha.
ending this with the only photo of us of the night.

Oinky's daddy:
certain times in the past year, I got confused and tired
thanks for talking and sorting it out with me
I will remind myself constantly to not let myself be governed by my emotions
although that is a Herculean task, hahaha

and that's all for today. BYE!
the second day of 2014, let's all wish for better days ahead. =D

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