Tuesday, January 21, 2014

fried brain

I almost got the shock of my life when I turned on the laptop after 3 days of rest and it came out with a totally different home screen, and all my folders on desktop went missing. actually, I DID get the shock of my life. thank God everything came back after I restarted the laptop. T.T
us on our journey back home after 4 months.

actually whatever I am going to post today has no relation to the photos I attached
I just attached them for the sake of attaching, hehe.
on the day before I left for home, we had a last outing of the semester
there wasn't much time so we thought a heartier meal (and a lot of window shopping) in Midvalley will do
but it so happened to be a public holiday and the mall was FULL of people
then I suddenly got so frustrated and uneasy and fidgety and the list goes on and on and on!
I also noticed I got easily irritated by my friend who kept on talking to me
all I wanted to do was to be left alone ==
either I have a very small magnitude of agoraphobia
don't need to know what it means, basically it's me having some social disorder lol
or that friend is plain irritating. hahaha. nola.
but my brain totally tuned into Melody's-friend-saving mode
because I started to fall into my own world that I closed out the rest of the world
yeap, I lost focus on what was happening around me, just in case I lost control and snapped at the innocent friend who was just being herself. haha.

it is actually quite scary I know.

erm. awkward post.
cute Oinky.

been quite busy at home actually but now that I have started reading
I have hard time getting out of the book again.
off to the book, bye!


tien mie said...

Have fun reading :) how's the fault in the stars for u so far?

mOmO said...

tien! I finished reading, haha. it was quite beautiful but saddening, took me some time to cheer up lols!