Sunday, January 12, 2014

the yellow submarine

hello! I've gone missing again because the times I sit properly in front of the laptop are being used to watch Gentleman's Dignity. I know I behave totally like someone who has finished all exams when actually I have the last paper at 830 tomorrow morning. I can't help but boast around because there is nothing to study for the final paper of the semester, even if I wanted to, there is still nothing for me to study lol.

still, I am quite worried since my brain is all filled with attractive matured Korean men (Jang Dong Gun specifically), lol, I guess I need to tune it back to the English frequency just in case I blank out or get stuck tomorrow and send my Proficiency down into the drain.

that was a hell long of an introduction.
this previous round in Penang, Zhangqijian brought me to Straits Quay
the hour we reached was supposed to be the best time for photos but it rained and we had to go indoors =(

and not much photos taken also because I didn't realize at first how pregnant my dress made me look ==
but it costed me only RM10 so I feel less annoyed, let's see what I can do to modify it XD
it was a day after Christmas but Christmas decorations were still up.
Oinky is 2 years old. =D

we walked around and were attracted by this little shop named Huey and Wah Cafe 

my date. heehee.
it struck me out of the blue that this guy always has to bring me around every single time I go back with him just because I'm the tourist. must have been tiring as a local T.T. thank you boyfriend. T.T.

*snaps fingers* back to the cafe.
it was the setting of the shop which attracted us at first
I dunno if the main item they sell is homemade marshmallow or cakes or coffee 
but since it is a cafe, I guess it's the cake and coffee. haha.
I broke my rules and got this Yellow Submarine which is lemon cheesecake with marshmallow instead of my usual chocolate, and it was surprisingly so good. omnomnom.

looks really humble but the layer of brown sugar or caster sugar in between the cake and the cream was so addictive! the middle layer is the marshmallow which gave the fluffy cake a sticky texture

we guessed that the cafe should be owned by a couple Huey and her boyfriend/husband Wah.
and we guessed that Wah works full time in the cafe, he was baking cakes while we were sitting outside
and that he should be from quite a rich family because business like this wouldn't be able to sustain life expenses
but of course, it was all our blind guesses.

ahh, but that's the sort of life I wish to lead.
bake cakes, sell cakes.
it's like spreading happiness.
left this message on the plate before leaving
because it was a truly a nice place and it seemed such warm and encouraging
we stupidly lingered around just to see the assumed Wah's expression when he kept the plate
we really waited for such a long time and must have looked like creepy stalkers
but didn't manage to catch the expression on his face -___-

then, we left feeling disappointed and stupid.
but I think I saw a hint of smile.
it must have been a smile.

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