Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Thailand travel diary #1

when I said I have a lot to share, I truly have so much to share
browsed through the photos I took in Thailand and I suddenly realized I have no idea how to start haha
so I guess I'll start with the riot which most of my friends have been asking about, and also which mummy was worried about. fyi, the Frog and I flew off a few days earlier with my uncle's family
so this is us jumping at one of the demonstration spots, near the Siam BTS station
ah the furthest end where you see two flags is actually a stage and people were singing
it was peaceful and so carnival-like

but it could be just because we were onlookers, not the ones camping there for nights

this is basically how it looks like: a long stretch of pasar pagi, yes, they grab the business opportunity
I got some real nice things here at the demonstration spot. haha.

and it gets more and more crowded as time passes

see, shoes at only 150baht

I even bought the white shut down BKK shirt
it looks cute to me
but guess what it got stained yellow by some shorts in the washing machine T.T

oh, but I clearly remember an uncle who stood up and pushed his fist in the air when he saw us taking photos at the cars taking the demonstrators. I felt so touched when he slowly got up and could instantly feel how much he loves his country. so touched that tears brimmed my eyes!
*he's the one in black with a bandanna on his head

will get back once I know how I am to continue.
till then, tata =)

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