Sunday, February 23, 2014

highlighting the recent activities in my brain

HAHA, I haven't been doing this for some time, at least not in the form of a full blog post
and if you actually realized, the title itself is already teaching you the way to read this post
so if you get to read this, you are really cool. clap clap and congratulations!

just the day before yesterday I got mad. mad at stupid college administration
but mostly, mad at the boyfriend.

I really do not know HOW MANY BLOODY TIMES do I have to get mad over the same thing. It's not like I have never made a point about it, in fact, we have gone through this SO MANY TIMES that I feel like giving up. well if that's your way your view of life, maybe I'll follow suit. if it's that hard just for a notifying message, fine. I'm also done with all that.

when the things I care do not equal to what you care, someone has to change

maybe me. yes, probably me.

but why me?

cz you never remember.
guess it never did come across your mind.
so much trouble to talk.
let's just stop talking altogether.

and to avoid ruining your happy holiday mood I have to act all normal.
oh why in the world did I do that after all.

feeling sucks. it's okay. Damon Salvatore here I come.

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