Sunday, October 4, 2015

I flew an aeroplane!

Sort of. Haha. 
Yea that's me at the co-pilot seat ahem.
Some time ago my uncle excitedly offered me the chance to join him for a flight simulator session in Singapore, all I had to do was to say yes and buy tickets! I had some considerations which I don't even remember now, I'm so glad I made that decision. :)
So what's a flight simulator? Haha you can Google it yourself if you're really that interested, but it's basically a machine where pilots to be get to train to be pilots. It's really really cool, there is a control set where trainers get to set different conditions like the weather, faulty aircraft and all that. So I got to sit at both pilot and co-pilot's seat, taxi the simulator, and also watch real pilots practicing on the simulator to land and takeoff in hazy conditions, and it was all for free! 
Le me looking into the simulator.

Totally worth the waking up at 4:55, just trying to explain the swollen eyes. Hahaha.

This trip kinda changed my life, or at least some perspectives of it. 

Anyway it's October! YAY TO AN AWESOME MONTH!

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