Saturday, January 2, 2016

#1 Family first sounds good

Just came back from the first family gathering of 2016, actually it was the full moon party of my youngest cousin Youyou.
It was such a cute scene seeing these kids playing together.

I wish they grow up happy and healthy. Cannot imagine me being this young as well about 20 years ago, but I know I was a cute kid (I still am hahaha). Time flies, doesn't it. Do you remember your earliest conscious memories?

Anyway, we brought our big yellow luggage back home which was being lent to the cousin who went to Melbourne for a holiday. When we were home, mum looked at the yellow luggage bag and said to it, "Wah, you went to Melbourne! Even I haven't been there yet." and the yellow luggage bag just looked at her quietly. What an arrogant bag.


abbie said...
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abbie said...

arrogant bag xD