Tuesday, August 26, 2014

flying home. faulty phone battery, or power bank? sighs.

HELLO! I'm back again. Current location: McDonald's NU Sentral. should I get myself an ice-cream first before I start?
okay I decided not to.

why on Earth did I choose a 10pm flight? it's okay, I can blog. but why are the girls two tables behind me so noisy? ==

so the practical is finally over. the inevitable journey that had been haunting me since the beginning of third year.

I have so much to say but I dunno how to start. why does this always have to happen to me. lol. I look back at my posts, in blogspot, in Instagram and LINE, I've indeed changed. My friends, even myself have always thought that I am no teacher material. Up until today, I still don't think that I am cut out for teaching, but somehow my students made me feel otherwise. who would have thought a childish and silly person like me could impact another person? and who would have thought that I would enjoy going to school just to see the kids. I never saw that coming T.T. Ok in short I seem to enjoy teaching. how could that even happen?

so for this 10 week long practical
I can't stop using 'so', hahaha.
and I can't stop counting my blessings.
I'm so blessed to have a decent place to stay
so blessed to have a roommate who shares the same interest and doesn't mind my lifestyle
so blessed to have coursemates whom I can discuss and brainstorm ideas together
so blessed to not have to worry about transport
so blessed to have been sent to such a good school, with good facilities, (some) kind teachers, and the best students anyone could ever ask for T.T
so blessed to have a week of Raya break, who doesn't love holidays haha
so blessed to be accepted and liked by students
blessed with the best results so far, for the previous semester although it was stressful having to cope with teaching and finals at the same time
so blessed to be finally going home
and the list goes on and on and on

okay noisy people are disrupting my order of thought and the whole grateful angelic aura is gone. haha.
should probably stop writing, I don't wanna spoil this post.

but I just did. hahaha
I was so close to buying this. but I don't need two right

or should I go back and get one each for meimei and myself?


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