Wednesday, August 13, 2014


I am feeling REALLY REALLY relieved
no more worrying about a teacher sneaking into my class to observe without informing
no more cracking my head to present a very ideal classroom to Mdm Rose
I'm done with observations!
7 more teaching days and I'm free to flyyyyyyy
like really fly back home. ngehehe.
second book from Mitch Albom
gosh, this is also so good.
why have I not discovered the author earlier?

yea I know, because I judge books by their covers. haha.
but Cecelia Ahern does write good books! (with pretty covers, lol)

I was greatly moved and even teared while reading in a relief class
and was forced to stop because I had something else to do
and picked it up again just moments ago
and all that emotions which were abruptly cut off yesterday gushed back just like that
how could anyone even do that? :O

"There is a reason God limits our days."
"To make each one precious."

want to buy books now, how?


Alyssa Camilia said...

Are you in teaching college too? 😯😯

mOmO said...

whoa Alyssa I didn't notice your comment till now, haha, nope, but I'm taking TESL in UM, we only have one practical to go =)

Alyssa Camilia said...

Woo how nice! So much better than our college. Enjoy your last practical Miss Kho.

Alyssa Camilia said...

Oh btw. I enjoy reading your blog. Do write more often. 😂

mOmO said...

whee, thanks! you too, haha, you just got a new reader =D