Saturday, July 16, 2016


Hear that a lot. Everyone is busy.
Due dates of files after files
Practices, meetings, observations, big event coming up..

People start falling sick, because of the weather, the workload and the stress. I no longer have time for books, I get too tired, I even fell sick. 

Students still remain demotivated. How will they ever be ready for the PT3 and SPM next year, I've been giving my best, pouring almost all my heart and energy trying to help them, but you can only help those who want to be helped. So true.

On something that got through my mundane lamenting about the current life..
I realized how silly and immature I must have seemed in front of elder or more experienced people when I talk about my worries.
Whatsapped with one of the students who went to the vocational college I mentioned, he said they were suffering. Being treated like idiots by the people there, he was full of anger, hating the teacher, whom according to him, cheated them to go there. 
I thought it must be the orientation, tried to talk him out of his anger and frustration, but in vain. And I heard them saying 13 out of 20 who went are coming back. How silly to have missed out the chance just because they're too immature to withstand the beginning. 

Anyway I'll still welcome them back because I'm awesome and dedicated like that. 

Hahaha. No, actually just because there's nothing I can do about it anyway. I have to accept them again. Lol.

Student said this is also one of their fellow classmates. I said : berapa umur sudah masih macam budak.

If only he knew about Oinky. Hahaha


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