Thursday, July 28, 2016

The invincible Jay Chou

So true. As the 6th of August becomes nearer and nearer. And I don't even use the phrase just around the corner anymore. I am so tired almost every day, working my ass off, no doubt I have some moments where I just laze and do nothing, but it just isn't the same anymore. 

Being a student, it was quite hard for me to afford everything I wished to have, concert tickets precisely. Now that I'm working, I could pay without feeling as guilty as I would have felt as a student with no income, but I have no time. NO TIME. Doesn't reality just suck?  :/ I can't even go for my idol's concert because of my job. 

Guess I'll have to refrain from going onto any social media from 6/8 to at least 9/8 to avoid seeing all the photos and videos and long captions and what not that'll make me go green with envy. 

Guess I'll play his songs aloud using the speakers and annoy the hell out of my housemates and neighbours. Hahaha

Didn't think I took this, I didn't sit so far away, and definitely not this direction.

And I've even learned a few of his new songs. 

It's okay. There'll always be a next time. This I believe wholeheartedly. 


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