Sunday, August 7, 2016


Going onto any form of social media was indeed a big mistake, I cried watching the videos. Hahaha no kidding T.T. He sang so well and so many good songs that he didn't or seldom sing during his concerts. I just cannot T.T please don't let me miss another concert. 

My Facebook feed is full of: 1. Jay Chou concert news, 2. Pokemon.

Unashamedly, I'll admit I'm also one of the new pokemon trainers, a lazy one though. Upon downloading I was so happy, hopping up and down, then I set out to look for pokemons. But at this moment, I was already a bit discouraged because I missed the first chance of catching a pikachu HAHAHA should've read the tips people were posting before starting. So the key is to ignore the first 5 pokemons you meet. Okay back to my first adventure. I brought the rubbish out to throw so that I don't look awkward. But once I reached the gate of the quarters, I saw students playing basketball in the stadium right opposite. I decided to ignore them, they might not even notice me. But then! A group of girls were coming my way, maybe to the grocery shops. That was it, I walked back to the quarters dejectedly.

At night while I was reading, (currently reading Bourne Ultimatum, damn, the book is good! Must go to my old neighbour again after I've finished this batch of his books!) I thought, yes I should go hunting pokemons tomorrow morning, i.e. today, before the students start getting active. I know they have breakfast at the dewan makan at 8am, so before 8 until 9am would be a safe time for me. Woke up slightly after 8 and I was ready for another trip. 

I excitedly opened the app and saw that there were 5 pokemons nearby. I walked and walked for maybe 300m, until I reached the bus stop opposite the school's main gate, but still could not find any of the pokemons mentioned. Suddenly I was feeling self conscious again, so I sat down at the bus stop and pretended to be busy texting someone. After roughly 10 minutes, I decided to come back, but not before I made plans with my deskmate in the staffroom to go hunting together tomorrow after school ahaha

No one to help me take pretentious photo looking like an adventurer, an old one will do. So gotta catch 'em all!

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