Tuesday, March 3, 2015

CNY preparations

the frog was finally back home, and forever indecisive about her fringe
it looks normal here but long fringe always seems to make her look not so young (old) *insert laugh till cry emoji*

and here comes my job. I thought this was a good way to collect the fallen hair hahaha


do you think that was all? of course not! haha.
#melodyhairdyeservices back in business
I've used at least 5 different types of box hair dye already, hehehe achievement unlocked
I think this was Garnier or something, and it smelt really nice!

and my own. I should have bought another box but I was still considering whether or not to dye

the whole internet seemed to be filled with mekmek nail art and I thought it was too mainstream
I wanted to do something different but nothing seemed to look good
painted, removed, repainted, re-removed, lol, and I finally gave in and followed to trend.
on a side note, I should get myself a topcoat and base coat, and maybe a dryer hahaha.

heee, frog for the frog

of course that wasn't all
chocolate chip German cookies

and this! found the recipe on newspapers, too cute I cannot!
but it was quite tedious work so we gave up after completing one tray of these
hmm, domestic goddess in the making HHAHAHAH

then it was cleaning, endless cleaning, and last but not the least, (actually the best part)
our annual surprise for visitors!
 daddy is awesome and creative he should have been an interior designer

the colour was his choice, though we were doubtful at first

but it turned out so nice! plus we suddenly found so many different marine themed decorations at home. guess we were preparing for this before we even knew that.
does it feel like a mini Santorini to you?
by the way, some stupid article on Facebook said my next vacation should be Mykonos.
yea, thank you, random Facebook article. I'll dream on, at least I can go home to my beautiful wall lol, close enough
spot Bojee hehehe, he found his place at home

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