Tuesday, March 17, 2015

do you know ice-cream price will be affected by gst.

I kinda miss the teaching days.

am actively clearing the photos in my phone because because because
keeping my hopes moderately high only though, because it has been a long way hahaha

the Magnum Cafe craze was on for quite a long time

an ice-cream fan like me of course would have hopped onto the bandwagon
despite what many people say that one try is enough
I had it thrice or 4 times (how do you call four times? quadruplice? hahaha)

and then we tried Inside Scoop, and then there was NO MORE turning back.

but one day in Mr Teoh's house 
we did our own Magnum platter.

Two sticks of Magnum ice-cream: RM7.80
Gardenia delicia waffles (HAHAHA): I don't remember the price
some Oreo cookie crumbles and Famous Amos cookie crumbles
Gojiberry he randomly dug out
altogether added up to not more than RM15.00, I guess

still cheaper than two customized Magnums! wheeee

of course it's different la, but it's still ice-cream so I was happy enough hehehe

and still wanna act like I was at some cafe
I even geo-tagged the photo: Outside Scoop, Butterworth.

super creative. lol. masuk angkat bakul sendiri.
or masuk bakul angkat sendiri.
dunno la. ooh I have a test tomorrow!

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